We are looking for an individual or corporates to partner with us in this business or even to buy over our Intellectual Property Rights, you are welcome to talk to us.  Please write .  We will consider any and all proposals with due respect.

Recently we made a research on the  market potential  for our business in several countries. We found that the following countries offer the best chance of success. Viet Nam, Thailand, Indonesia, China, All the Arab Nations, Japan, South Korea , the Spanish population in the USA and many other non-English speaking countries. Our courses are fully digital  and we are going global now.

The matured markets are the following: All the Arab Nations comprising of about 400 million people, UAE seems to be the most suitable place for us to have our base to cover the Arab nations. Japan, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Viet Nam and many other countries in the Asia-pacific,  some Spanish speaking countries and even a few European countries. As educators, our goal is to facilitate English learning to people across the world. To achieve this, we need the support of like minded individuals who not only view our courses as a business opportunity but also as tools to empower the masses through English literacy. We invite you to be our partner if you have a passion for education. Singapore investors are most welcome.

Why invest in our English courses?

Our well-designed English courses are the result of years of research and intensive effort. Each course is geared towards a specific category of learners. Depending on the skill level the learner wants to master, we have a corresponding tailored solution. As our partner, you can market our courses on the basis of their high-quality and focused approach.

An opportunity staring at you

As a Universal language, English touches all spheres of life, and there is always someone looking to brush up his or her English skills or even learn the language from scratch. Our courses enable you to start your own direct sales venture, your target audience being homes, schools, offices and factories to name a few. Or you can capitalize on the e-commerce potential of our English courses in your part of the world. We will assist you along the way, sharing our expertise on how you can run our courses successfully in your country.  If you have an interest, please write to us in confidence to:     Or